Why Listen? Because…


I’m Ant’s not-so-special guest blogger.

You will (all things remaining equal) hear my dulcet tones as one of his players in the RPG he’s currently planning… (to be honest “dulcet” is definitely optimistic) . You may hear me arguing with him on his Podcast, but probably not often (I’m also the quiet one).

Me and Ant have been friends for over two decades and one of only two consistently discussed subjects in that (depressingly vast) space of time has been (given this website – and our generation – obviously) Star Wars.

All of us came to this work of genius for different reasons I think, and I’m (once again) wondering what made it special for me early on and what captured my imagination so thoroughly that I’m here thirty-some years later… hoping you’re… still reading this…

There’s a lot for me personally to choose from (even if I couldn’t define it at the time): Was it the tale of good versus evil? The struggle of stagnant order inexorably (?) transforming into tyranny? Or the steady decline of Spiritual awareness in the face of secular authority?

All of the above?

Nope – didn’t give a sod. It was the laser-swords.

Within days of seeing “A New Hope” (which I remember was just known as “Star Wars” back then) I was correcting anyone who called them that (yes, even then I was that kind of nerd), but now that Kanan has also called them that (yes, I noticed… and no, I never counted Mini-Whingy-Vader) I guess I’ve lost the high-ground.

Other things came with (one or two…) repeated viewings: the spaceships and robots (yes, I corrected people about that too) being battered and beaten, not shiny and clean; the plethora of aliens that actually seemed alien; the cool dude that shot a green guy under the table (before the green guy had done anything except jabber in gibberish).

And Jabba?!

Much later, but that giant slug really caught my imagination and was essentially my introduction to the world of gangsters! (Apparently there’s a  green lady with tentacles coming out of her head and a shackled Princess in those scenes somewhere as well. Can’t say I noticed…)

Moving swiftly on – And Now For Something Completely Different: (…And speaking of “later”) The Force Awakens.

Some folks seem to think this is a remake. I saw a different version (apparently).

Ep7 is the first of a Trilogy, we can’t put it into context yet! (And all you Phantom haters out there: please reread that sentence, it might help… no promises. Jar Jar haters get a pass – from me, although Ant might be of a different opinion there).

“I don’t like how Rey is getting her Force Powers without any training!”

What? You mean that’s not how Luke learned them? So that kinda integral matter is DIFFERENT?!? How dare they put that in and not explain it straight away!

No! I am not discussing The duel or the couple of minor things that came before it (patricide, wounds from laser crossbows that can blow armoured men off of their feet and  Light Saber hits from a trained Stormtrooper…)

What the f… Force…?!

OK, ranting. Sorry, time to bring it back.

Ant asked an excellent question in his introduction: Why listen to another Star Wars podcast?

My answer?

No, not my rant (none of that is anything you have not already heard before) – but the fact I care enough to need to rant is part of the reason you might want to listen.

A far more important part is that Star Wars is special. That’s why it’s endured and that’s why people like me, Ant and his other guests/ friends enjoy talking/ writing about it. As stated, the fact that we enjoy it so much and recognise just how special it is is exactly the reason you should listen – because we want you to argue with us; we want you to tell us we’re wrong and explain why… because we care about this Galaxy that’s so far far away that it should seem absurd, but most definitely does not (because the people are not far away at all… but that’s for another time).

And we know you think so too – it’s the one the thing we can all agree on afterall.

Without question every other Star Wars podcast is produced by folk who also enjoy it every bit as much as us – so listen to them too, we do! Well… some of them (there are quite a few… and some are extremely good). Try us out and  we (well… Ant predominantly) will try our best to keep you interested enough to add us to your shortlist.

What do you mean you’ve not got the time?


… And it’s great.


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