Another Star Wars Podcast?? So what’s different then?

Well hello to you all, well possibly the one person reading this. It’s a pleasure to be writing for you about a topic we all love that of Star Wars, be it all the episodes or some of them. I personally come down on the all of them side but that’s another post for another day.
So a new (another) Star Wars website and podcast. Yes I can hear the sighs out there.


Let me tell you what we have in mind…

Yes we will have news, reviews and not just of the films and TV shows but of books, comics. we will have, if we can get them, interviews with people involved with Star Wars in some form be it artists, game developers, even other podcasts.

My that’s a mighty packed podcast I hear you say….

there’s more to it though at the end of every show we will have an on going Live Roleplay Game using Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Line. So you get new Star Wars Adventures as a part of the show.

So if you want to find us here’s how you can do it


Website: (Well Done you’re already here)




That’s the rough outline at present I’m sure it will be more refined as we move forward. We hope to launch the podcast in July, until then we shall be posting here at the website.
Go Safe, and may the force be with you Always



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