Liveplaying A Role… Actually

As Ant has already told you, the Remnants of the Force podcast is going to include some "Live-Play" (or "Actual Play" if you prefer) from FFG's (Fantasy Flight Games') gaming genius. No doubt some/ most of you are already well-aware of what this is but the chances are if you don't know what that is... Continue Reading →


Han Solo…Whatta Guy

Han Solo, our favorite scoundrel, smuggler, lover, fighter and scruffy looking Nerf Herder. We all love him and most kids wanna be him. But is all as it seems with the guy? What how dare you? are the cries I can hear clattering away at the keyboard. Let Take this a step at a time... Continue Reading →

Why Listen? Because…

Hi I'm Ant's not-so-special guest blogger. You will (all things remaining equal) hear my dulcet tones as one of his players in the RPG he's currently planning... (to be honest "dulcet" is definitely optimistic) . You may hear me arguing with him on his Podcast, but probably not often (I'm also the quiet one). Me... Continue Reading →

Do you do Something involving Star Wars?

If you do we want to talk to you. Do you make cosplay or costume, Are you a member of the 501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs?, Do you host a podcast? Do you write Fan Fic, make Fan Films, Write RPG's?, Are you a Star Wars GameMaster?, Make Art?, Animation?, Lego Moc's? Create an online... Continue Reading →

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